Why Don’t Birds Worry?

Trixie sits in what seems to be prayerful pose as she watches the birds tend to their morning work. I’m not so sure how friendly her interests are, however. I suspect she might leap into their business in unwelcome ways, plus they might divebomb her if given half a chance.

Still, Trixie watches intently as the birds carry on unconcerned in the least about her glaring gaze. They do not seem to care at all about what we do, say or think in this house. They have their own business to tend.

I used to be afraid of birds. I am less so since I made that fear public, and a few people hit reply and said, “Don’t be afraid of birds.” Fortunately, the replies worked, and I am no longer afraid of birds (which I’m just saying so you won’t have to hit reply and say “don’t be afraid of birds.”)

The replies probably came when I told this story. Back when I was afraid of birds, I’d left my door ajar one morning as I took my garbage to the garbage can. After I dropped the bag into the receptacle, I turned around in time to see, to my horror, a little bird flap its way through the open door.

So, a bird was flying around inside my very own house (quite uninvited). I went to grab a broom or something to shoo it out, but when I was ready, I couldn’t find the bird. I walked every inch of this house trying to disturb the bird (and concerned what would happen if I did). But I never saw that bird again.

Presumably while my back was turned to pick up the broom, the little creature headed out the front door (still ajar) almost as quickly as he headed in. I kept looking for that bird for a while.

This was 10 years ago. It’d be odd indeed if I’d stayed afraid of a bird that wasn’t there (not that I couldn’t have pulled that feat off). But fears aren’t always logical. It’s not hard to be afraid of something that isn’t real – like monsters under the bed or an adult version of the same.

Worrying is such an easy thing to do. But not worrying? Well, that’s takes a little effort… because you actually have to believe a simple promise: “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” (Matthew 6:26)

You are more valuable than they. Good thing to remember. This doesn’t mean there aren’t real dangers or concerns. But my thinking is: stick to your duties. Tend to your tasks. Take care of your business. And trust God with the rest.

Enjoy your magnificent journey.

– Minnie Lamberth
The Magnificent Journey
Vol. 2, Issue 40