Where Is Your Landing Place?

Maybe I grew up with a hum in my heart .. with little bits of music that came out through productive activity. Maybe this was my original design … so innate I didn’t know it was happening.

I wonder this because of a particular memory from first grade. I remember sitting in a desk working on my papers when – out of the blue – the teacher at the head of the class asked, “Who’s humming?” I looked up to see who was making this objectionable sound but was surprised when the student next to me said, “It’s Minnie.”

Before that moment, I wouldn’t have picked myself out of the hummer line up. I didn’t know I was the culprit. I didn’t realize I was humming.

“Minnie, stop humming,” my teacher said. It was probably not her direction but the startling question that had broken through and interrupted these little bits of music. This sequence of events happened at least once more, I recall, until I suppose I finally learned how not to hum.

It can be a challenge for those things welling up within to find a proper expression in the outside world. I have searched for these proper expressions my whole life.

When I worked with Wanda Bigham, my president at Huntingdon, she described what it was like for a woman of her era to pursue an administrative position at a university in a small Kentucky town. “It was a drive that must be responded to,” she told me. But it was not easy for that inner prompting to find an outer landing place.

As she tried to move from a secretarial position to a role with more authority, she met with a man who did not understand this desire, and he dismissively asked, “Well, what is it you want to do, honey?”

Sometimes words of dismissal sidetrack us. Sometimes they challenge us. Wanda found energy in the latter, and she made her way through naysayers to an administrative position at a college in Boston. Her drive found a landing place.

In Wanda’s stories, I recognized a lot of what she told me. On the other hand, I didn’t want to hold a line position on an organizational chart. I had something else within, though I still found resonance in her words “a drive that must be responded to.”

Some people, I assume, like to live life with a song in their heart. I think I am happiest, though, when my life has a hum. When there’s sort of this steadiness of knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. When assignments come in and completions go out. When problems arise and get addressed. When I head out to take care of details and have the resources to deal with whatever is needed.

I wanted a life that hums. And I wanted this hum to come from productive creativity. I wanted to be in the flow of creation that begins with an idea which – chiseled and shaped over time – finds an outer expression. A landing place.

If I had a creative CV, the list of my efforts would be a long one. More recently, that’s been with Your Story Shaping Blueprint. There will be more to chisel and shape in the days ahead, and I’m looking forward to humming right along.

Is there a drive in your heart that must be responded to? Listen for the hum – the need – the desire – that is welling up within and enjoy your magnificent journey.

– Minnie Lamberth
The Magnificent Journey
Vol. 2, Issue 35

P.S. I started a series of 2-minute for Sundays that I’m posting on my website and my Story Shaping page on Facebook. Trixie makes a “cameow.” You can see it here: https://storyshaping.co/video-walk-as-one-sent/

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  1. Thanks again for looking deeper into life! I wake up with old-fashioned hymns flowing into my heart every morning. Some I have not heard in decades…..the Holy Spirit!

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