What Would Your PowerPoint Be About?

Do you ever think about how little bits of your heart and pieces of your knowledge and wisdom from your experiences are, let’s say, leaking out of you as you carry on through your day?

By leaking, I mean it’s not something you’re intentionally doing, where you announce:

“Here, take these little bits of my heart and pieces of my knowledge and wisdom from my experience and apply it to this situation.”

Because it seems that launching a lecture series isn’t always well received, though I’m sure we’ve all got a PowerPoint within us that we could take on the road.

My personal expertise, for example, ranges from “How to Get Gas at Costco with the Most Efficiency” to “Don’t Set Your Phone on the Floor at Planet Fitness.”

Probably someone out there has a series on “Why the Left Lane Is the Passing Lane.” Or “How to Avoid Letters from the Homeowners Association (It’s Not that Hard).”  

But anyway, this leaking is not like pushing out a lot of information in a PowerPoint. It’s more like someone in your office asks, “What should we do?” They turn to you because they figure you know an answer that can help.

Or maybe you taught your kids something important, a high value for you, and you see them applying it in their own lives.

Or just as humbling if you reach a certain age, a parent is sorting through an option and asks, “What do you think?”

You might be surprised how much of your heart, your knowledge and your experience has already gotten out there. Hopefully we’d all be surprised (because if our influence were easy to count or track, that number might be a bit low).  

So I’m just saying, keep going… keep helping, advising, serving.

Because it’s getting out there, day by day.

And what you’re doing has value.

Enjoy your magnificent journey.

– Minnie Lamberth
The Magnificent Journey
Vol. 3, Issue 13

P.S. If you did a PowerPoint of your expertise, what topics would you cover?

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash