Your Story Shaping Blueprint

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Your Story Shaping Blueprint includes seven video lessons – around seven minutes each – delivered to your inbox every day for seven days. Within these lessons, you get a refresher course on the identity that was yours from the beginning, get help responding to the critic in the mirror, and start reframing memorable missteps and difficult detours. Exercises at the end of each video will help you open your eyes to a new, more encouraging perspective.

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With Your Story Shaping Blueprint, you’ll get a daily email for seven days that includes a link where you can view a video module. You’ll get seven modules in all, and they’ll be brief enough that you can view them in one sitting. Or you can watch them again if you’d like. Take your time as you consider how this topic applies to you, complete the prompts at the end, then take in the next one when it arrives. (If you fall behind, don’t worry. Each new link also provides the links to the previous modules so you can catch up. Plus, you get a wrap-up email that includes them all.)

The series includes:

Your Story Shaping Blueprint 101: Who Do You Think You Are?

Do you remember the very first thing you said when you were born? Perhaps not, but this 7-minute module envisions that scenario for you as it sets the stage for your new perspective. Who you think you are has a fundamental influence on the stories you tell yourself about your life. This module is a refresher course on the identity that was yours from the beginning.

Your Story Shaping Blueprint 102: Are You Being Mean to You?

Does the criticism that you hear in your head typically come from the person you see in your mirror? The mirror is useful when you want to make sure your hair looks OK, but it doesn’t present an accurate view of your life. In fact, sometimes it’s just the opposite. This 7-minute module will help you find a friendlier point of view about you.

Your Story Shaping Blueprint 103: How Do You Measure Failure?

Have you ever looked back on a pivotal life experience and judged it a failure? Or have you looked at results you don’t like and blamed someone else? It’s easy and natural to make judgments about how you got where you are. But you might not be getting the story straight. This 7 1/2-minute module will help you reframe memorable missteps and difficult detours.

Your Story Shaping Blueprint 104: Is It Too Late?

If you’re supposed to meet someone for lunch, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the clock. Otherwise, don’t trust a clock to tell you if you are early or late in achieving your life purpose. Whatever season we’re in, it’s not over till it’s over. This 6 1/2-minute module will help you reset the timekeeper that may be creating pressure on your spirit.

Your Story Shaping Blueprint 105: What Do You Want?

If you’re not sure what story you want to tell about your life, a good question can help you find direction. Like this one: What do you want? This 7-minute module will help you think about what you want, why it’s an important question to ask, and whether it’s a difficult or easy question to answer.

Your Story Shaping Blueprint 106: Are You in this Alone?

If you’re unable to figure out your next step by yourself, take note: you have more resources available than you realize. This 7-minute module will help you let go of the burdened thinking that you’ve got to solve and resolve every issue on your own and hold on to a simple trust that you are not in this alone.

Your Story Shaping Blueprint 107: What Do You Do Now?

Physics will tell you that a body at rest tends to stay at rest, and a body in motion tends to stay in motion. When you feel stuck, it’s easy to stay stuck. Yet a simple action step can help restore energy and confidence as you move forward But which step should you take? This 8-minute module will help you avoid overwhelm and enter your next chapter by asking a few small questions.