How Does This Time Next Year Look for You?

One year ago today I did not have a cat. Trixie arrived in my small abode around 1 p.m. on September 5, 2017. We met at the Montgomery Humane Shelter.

I had not had a pet since childhood, and I did not know how this would go. They offered me the option to take her for a home visit on 48-hour foster care. I said OK.

At first I thought I would try to keep her off my desk. I gave up.

Trixie sticks near me. I’m her leader. We’re a little gang, she and I, so she stays close. I have grown to love her.

I have made a lot of adjustments since September 5 of last year. For example, I moved my phone. I don’t get that many calls on my land line anyway. And, for some reason, she liked to use it as a pillow.

Actually, I moved a number of things, but some things I just stopped caring about.

One thing I have recently been reminded of: doorbells in commercials sound like doorbells in real life. I’ll have the television on at some point, and Trixie will be minding her own beeswax. Then she hears a doorbell in a commercial and flees as if an intruder is coming.

I try to tell her it’s not real; it’s just a commercial. She is not convinced.
It can be scary to open a door to new things, and Trixie is no fan of doorbells that herald this entrance.

Sometimes people come by for services that I’ve arranged — such as installers, repairers and exterminators. As I’ve explained to Trixie, this is because we can’t always do things on our own and need help from outsiders. If I go a little bit further to tell her that this need is the basis of the service economy, her eyes glaze over. Actually her eyes glaze over at a lot of things I explain — such as why we don’t jump on the counter — but that’s not important now.

Others enter into our simple abode for friendly reasons, and I call out, “Trixie, Trixie… someone’s here to see you.” She’ll slowly poke her head from under the bed and cautiously approach the main room.

As I’ve told her, “There are many warm hearts in the world, and it’s nice for us to meet new ones from time to time. You don’t have to throw the doors wide open for everyone, but you will enjoy many rewards when you encounter those who welcome a purring invitation into your life.”

It seems I was always a cat person, but I did not have a cat. Now I have a cat.

Also, one year ago today I had not sent out any of these issues of The Magnificent Journey. Now I’ve sent out 45. Or 46 if you count that time I sent one twice.

I started this process because I wanted this year to look differently than last year. It does. I had an idea I wanted to develop. It is coming together, and I’ll be able to tell about it soon. If you would like to get this scoop, be sure to join the email list on this site.

In the meantime, is there something you would like to see differently a year from now? Something within, or without? I recommend figuring out what that is, and taking small steps each day.

Enjoy your magnificent journey.

– Minnie Lamberth
The Magnificent Journey
Vol. 2, Issue 30