How Do You Stay in a Good Mood?

In December, when typical stresses of the season were bearing down, I made a commitment to myself to stay in a good mood.

If you’re like me, you can go through an ordinary day and step into various situations that pull your focus this way or that.

It could even be something simple … maybe like picking the wrong vehicle to get behind in the Costco gas line?

I secretly suspect I deserve better than that, considering how well I follow the procedures myself. I have my member card and my payment card ready before I exit the vehicle. I make quick swiping motions at the equipment, and because I never let my tank get down to fumes, my fill-up is pretty quick. And I’m gone.

I’m proud of how well I do this, and everyone should want to be behind me in line. But sometimes I’ll be behind the person who doesn’t start to look for the member card until standing in front of the pump – then realizes it’s in the car and has to go back. Or some such.

But basically there’s a delay, and I can feel time ticking away as I look longingly at the moving lane next to me.

I’m just saying, things like that could be an irritant unless perhaps you’re committed to stay in a good mood. And I’d made that commitment. Sort of like an arm-wrestling match, I could feel that pull from time to time… but the commitment kept the mood upright.

I’d told my best buddy Jan that I was making this good-mood commitment, so I was able to report in to her at various points in the week the times I’d stayed in a good mood during irritating moments.

I liked how recognizing this as a goal and realizing that I could choose a response helped me get past minor irritants or uncertain situations. It was also helpful in releasing things over which I have no control.

Basically, it’s like this: various irritations, pressures and misunderstandings can influence a mood. And you could go from upbeat to beat-up really quickly.

Yet if this commitment is in your head, maybe you’ll look for a reason that you’re actually grateful, or why this small thing doesn’t really matter, or that this situation can ultimately be to your advantage – or whatever it takes to see your situation from a new, more encouraging perspective.

Why not see how it goes?

Enjoy your magnificent journey, whatever lines you’re in today.

– Minnie Lamberth
The Magnificent Journey
Vol. 3, Issue 2

P.S. Last week I uploaded a video for my home page. Take a look if you didn’t see it on Facebook. It’s 1 minute, 15 seconds, and Trixie makes a “cameow.”

Image from Pixabay