Have You Heard the True Story of You?

In the beginning…

Everybody knows that’s how the Bible begins.

These are the words of a great story, the best one ever told, the one that began eons ago and continues through to this very day.

Every life has its own “in the beginning.” And sometimes – the overcoming times – its own “begin again.”

As the years add up, we can forget about the promise of our lives that seemed so natural to declare during the early years. Or, worse, we might even think that promise doesn’t count anymore.

Is it time that you remembered who you were created to be?

If you need a dose of encouragement, sign up for this Story Shaping starting point and …

  • Get a refresher course on the identity that was yours from the beginning… because who you think you are impacts the stories you’re telling yourself.
  • Find a friendlier point of view about you… because the critic who gives you the toughest time is often the one looking back at you in the mirror.
  • Reframe memorable missteps and difficult detours… because your view of a failure may not be as accurate as you think.
  • Reset the timekeeper that may be creating pressure on your spirit… because whatever season you’re in, it’s not over till it’s over.
  • Let go of the burdened thinking that you’ve got to solve and resolve every issue on your own and hold on to a simple trust that you are not in this alone.
  • Avoid overwhelm and find the easy way to make an impact in the world.

Get Started with These Three Things

The True Story of You is a coaching series centered on a 24-minute video that will leave you refreshed, inspired and motivated for your next step. It is based on a scriptural truth that has been interwoven into your life from birth.

You’ll also receive a picture-book PDF, The Potter’s Daughter by Minnie Lamberth [5-minute read]. This parable of Penelope Pipkin’s journey from birth to purposeful service is a moving and heartwarming illustration of the true story concepts: remembering who you truly are, pursuing what you were created to do, and taking each step knowing Who’s been with you the whole way.

In addition, the companion piece Which Punctuation Mark Are You? [3-minute read] will point you to the two key techniques you can use every day to move forward into purposeful action.

What would be lost if you forgot who you truly are? What would be missing in the world if you never pursued your purpose? If you were making life decisions based on a bad tip, wouldn’t you want to someone to lean in and give you the real scoop?

Rediscover The True Story of You and reconnect with the person you were created to be. Sign up today.