Get Your Story Shaping Blueprint

… And Rediscover the True Story of You.

What would be missing if you lived your life without knowing who you truly are? 

What would be lost if you forgot who you were meant to be … and left your purpose somewhere on the back burner?

Your journey through this world and the impact you can have on others is influenced by the stories you tell yourself. But what if those stories are inaccurate?

I’m Minnie Lamberth, and I’m a writer who’s been helping clients tell their stories for many years. Mostly that’s been business clients – because my work has been in the copywriting field. Now I’m helping people like you reshape the story you’re telling about your life.

It begins when you sign up for Your Story Shaping Blueprint. This is a mini-course series, delivered to your inbox for seven days, that helps you:

  • Get a refresher course on the identity that was yours from the beginning… because who you think you are impacts the stories you’re telling yourself.
  • Find a friendlier point of view about you… because the critic who gives you the toughest time is often in the mirror.
  • Get help reframing memorable missteps and difficult detours… because your view of a failure may not be as accurate as you think.
  • Reset the timekeeper that may be creating pressure on your spirit… because whatever season you’re in, it’s not over till it’s over.
  • Think about what you want, why it’s an important question to ask, and whether it’s a difficult or easy question to answer.
  • Let go of the burdened thinking that you’ve got to solve and resolve every issue on your own and hold on to a simple trust that you are not in this alone.
  • Avoid overwhelm and find the easy way to your next step.

The modules arrive in the form of brief videos – around 7 minutes each – so you’ll have time to get through them in one sitting, or listen again if you’d like. Then complete the prompts at the end to gain new insight into your story.

Also, you can email me during the series if you have comments or questions, and I’ll be sure to reply. I’d love to share this journey with you!

Please note, my experiences as a Christian underlie this series. For some, being part of a faith community is not an easy fit – until you know who you are in that community. If you’re missing out on the sense of connectedness that church people seem to enjoy, I hope you’ll give this a try.

Get Your Story Shaping Blueprint today and change the story you’re telling about your life. Because, I’m confident, you’re going to love your story once you realize how amazing it is – and that can make a big difference in how you serve others. 


Minnie Lamberth

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