What Story Are You Telling?

In the beginning…

Everybody knows that’s how the Bible begins.

These are the words of a great story, the best one ever told, the one that began eons ago and continues through to this very day.

Every life has its own “in the beginning.” And sometimes – the overcoming times – its own “begin again.”

As the years add up, we can forget about the promise of our lives that seemed so natural to declare during the early years. Or, worse, we might even think that promise doesn’t count anymore.

Yet I would like to remind you: you’ve been surrounded by the love of your Creator from birth. That’s how your story began, and that part hasn’t changed. In fact, that’s the teaching that starts Your Story Shaping Blueprint.

I’m Minnie Lamberth, and over 20-plus years, I have listened to hundreds of stories. Usually these were the stories businesses were trying to tell – because my work has been in the marketing field. I’ve listened as well to countless individuals trying to present their own stories.

Often the storytellers discount the remarkable, thinking it’s just routine. Ordinary. Nothing anybody would be interested in. Yet as I’ve listened, I’ve been able to help them reframe their story in a way that surprises them.

I can help you redirect your story too – away from the negative or “nothing much to tell” point of view and toward a sense of wonder and appreciation for the amazing life you’ve lived.

Learn more about Your Story Shaping Blueprint and get started on your new perspective.

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