Explore and Share Your Creative Gifts

Hi, I’m Minnie Lamberth. I’m a writer and creative entrepreneur in Montgomery, Alabama. I’ve merged this website with my main site, http://minnielamberth.com, so I hope you’ll visit me there.

In the meantime, this is a bit about me: 

I have many years of experience helping clients develop marketing pieces, including articles, newsletters, video scripts, web content and book projects. I’m also the author of an award-winning novel, Life with Strings Attached, and have enjoyed other artistic activities, such as oil painting and mixed media.

In order to share the insights I’ve gleaned over 30 years of pursuing creative activities, I developed a creativity coaching service I call Story Shaping. Story Shaping is designed to help you gain an encouraging perspective on your own story as you: 

  • Remember who you were created to be
  • Rediscover your gifts and your callings
  • Regain a sense of purpose

What then? Make a difference in the world (which is easier than you think).

This reflects my belief that small acts of creative purpose can make a impact in ways you may not realize. I also believe that something is truly missing in the world when you don’t explore your gifts and callings.

So, how do you get started?

If you’d like to embrace the identity that was yours from the beginning, sign up for The True Story of You.

If you’d like to reconnect to your inner desire to be creative, sign up for How to Pursue Your Creative Purpose.

If you’d like to learn more about my professional writing services, visit minnielamberth.com.

Got questions? Email me at minnie@storyshaping.co.