Find Meaning in Your Everyday Life

Hi, I’m Minnie Lamberth. I’m a writer in Montgomery, Alabama.

I’d been telling my feline assistant Trixie about this Story Shaping idea I had, and she thought I should tell others about it too (she’s a very encouraging cat):

So here it is. The 3 R’s of Story Shaping are:

  • Remember who you were created to be
  • Rediscover your gifts and your callings
  • Regain a sense of purpose

What then? Make a difference in the world (which is easier than you think).

The theme around here is “The ordinary is extraordinary.”

This reflects my belief that small acts of purpose make a big difference and ripple out into the world and into future generations. I also believe that if we pay attention to the little things, we will find meaningful treasures in everyday life – and can see for ourselves that the stories of our journeys are quite remarkable.

So, how do you get started? If you’d like to get a reset on your creative purpose, begin by rediscovering the true story of you.

Got questions? Email me at Minnie @ storyshaping dot co or get in touch through this form. A new series “How to Pursue Your Creative Purpose” is launching soon. Join to email list below to get the announcement when it’s ready.